Upcoming Shows

Sugar Maple Music Festival
Saturday, August 6


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MadFiddle is a youth violin ensemble that explores and performs folk music from around the world. With an emphasis on aural tradition and intergenerational performance, MadFiddle is a social-musical experience that keeps kids playing music with their peers and having fun.


MadFiddle uses an original and evolving curriculum to visit a variety of folk traditions - from bluegrass and the blues to old-time and ragtime to Scottish, swing, Scandinavian, South American and beyond. 

Each season is highlighted by performances with their backing band, Highway 151. Together, MadFiddle and Highway 151 have released five recordings and appeared at venues such as the Stoughton Opera House, Overture Center, Sugar Maple Music Festival, Barrymore Theater, Old Music Hall and High Noon Saloon.

In 2020 MadFiddle was awarded "Youth Ensemble of the Year" by the Madison Area Music Association.  In 2016, Shauncey received "Teacher of the Year" for pioneering the program.  

"(My child) loves everything about MadFiddle.  Thank you not only for teaching them how to play                                           fiddle, but how to be musicians."   - Parent 

"I was worried (she) was going to give up violin and music...now she picks up her violin to chill                            when she feels stressed or just to figure out a tune.   - Parent