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DOWN-Driven bowing & corrective slurs

Does your sound ever lack MOMENTUM or DRIVE despite the fact you're playing all the correct notes?  If so, "down-driven bowing" may be an effective strategy for you. In this concept, bowing choices are manipulated so that down bows land on the beats.  This helps restore momentum in our sound, lending a stronger pulse and a renewed sense of command.


Bow reversal is a strong possibility in any tune, and it's helpful to learn how CORRECTIVE SLURS can get your bow direction back on track.  In this lesson we identify two main types of corrective slurs.  I call them "Preventive Slurs" and "Curative Slurs." 


Down-driven bowing is a staple of the MadFiddle Lessons philosophy and you'll notice this theme throughout the MFL curriculum.  Over time, these bowing tendencies will begin to surface naturally and become a strategy you can anticipate. 

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